Monday, August 26, 2019

First Day of School

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This morning our child ate breakfast.
The child mounted a bicycle and rode to school.
Another child rode with our child on the way to school.

Crosswalks with lighted signage brought traffic to a halt.
Children proceeded in safety and parked bicycles.
Into the building they went to start the first day of school.

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Carlotta Walls on first day of school
The whole thing took 12 minutes and seemed so simple.
Getting to the simplicity hasn't been so simple.

I live in a suburb.
I grew up in a city.
Getting to school wasn't so simple.

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Ruby Bridges on first day of school
My parents didn't believe city schools were a good option.
We bused, carpooled and commuted 40 minutes to a private suburban school.
There was a school in biking distance but...there were no lighted signs.

Paying taxes in the city, and tuition in the suburbs, complicated things. 
Paying taxes in the suburbs for tuition-free schools seems simpler.
Getting to this morning's breakfast, bike and crosswalk hasn't been so simple.

I think about simplicity on the first day of school.
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