Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dog Off Leash

We were talking when Joe* whipped the U-turn, parked the cruiser and took a deep breath. A Rottweiler was loose and sitting on the front lawn. Joe spoke into the radio, walked across the street and started talking to the dog.

 Puppy and I seemed equally surprised.

View from windshield
Puppy shifted his one hundred and thirty pound frame from a sitting to standing position. He cocked his head and seemed to say, "Really Joe? You're walking on my lawn." Undeterred, Joe kept talking and walking slowly toward Puppy.

There was no Invisible Fence; no leash; no owner to gather Puppy. A cop, a big dog, scared neighbors and a chaplain all waited.  Puppy made the next move: he started walking toward Joe.

Joe patted his thigh and Puppy rubbed his forehead on Joe's leg. Then Puppy turned in a circle and did a little dance. Puppy wanted to play!

Lansing Neighborhood
Joe put the dog in the backyard, attempted to contact the owner and reassured neighbors. He never broke a sweat, put the police cruiser in drive and picked up our conversation as if there hadn't been a U-turn.

U-turn-whipping, dog-whispering, leg-patting cops need prayer.  We need people willing to speak kindly to dogs as frightened neighbors watch. Some puppies aren't so nice.

God made the dogs, the neighbors, the cops and the pet owners.  As a chaplain, I have the privilege of reminding each of them that God cares about the work they do.

*Not real name of officer.


  1. This warm story reminds me of the dog we had on the farm named Puppy who had been raised by a Hispanic family working in our sugar beet fields. They couldn't take it where they were going next for work and we kept it for them should they ever return. The name Puppy seemed odd at first because he was a big yellow lab. With limited English capabilities the family named him what he was at first - a puppy. The name stuck. They returned the next year but Puppy was ours to keep as they couldn't take him with them. He never forgot them and that second year spent a lot of time with them in the fields before returning each day to our farm house for food and a place to sleep.

    1. Puppies stick in our hearts and minds. My memory of a dog lives in my mind. Your memory of a dog lives in your heart. Thank you for sharing what the post stirred in you.

  2. Nice story thanks for sharing

  3. What a beautiful story of Puppy and the Rottweiler they need love too. Now if we could all treat humans the same way the world would be better.

    1. Thank you for reading. Your comment has strengthened our work among first responders.

  4. Faiza, thank you for visiting the site. If there is any efficiency, it comes from God in Christ. Grateful for your comment. Thanks for the nudge!

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