Alex Pickens III

Alex Pickens III was born in Detroit, MI and attended Howard University.

At Howard, he served as an Assistant in the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel and as a missionary to Zimbabwe.

After college, the US Peace Corps sent him to West Africa as a preventive health educator and the Director of Development for Junior Achievement International. Following Peace Corps service, Alex earned a Master of Health Science in Finance and Management from Johns Hopkins.

While at Hopkins, Alex courted Naudia Bryan. They married and have two children. Catherine Ruby was born nine months before her father earned a Master of Divinity from McCormick Theological Seminary. Christian Ethan was born five months before his mother earned a Doctor of Medicine from the Michigan State University.

Alex served as the Assistant at Second Baptist Church of Detroit and the Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church of East Lansing, MI, where he completed his Doctor of Ministry.

His personal mission is to use the Gospel to serve human populations at the intersection of faith and public health. Dr. Pickens is pursuing his life’s mission as a chaplain with first responders.


  1. When I met this young man in 1996, we talked into the wee hours of the morning about life, world issues and God. I knew then, that he was destined for greatness. My heart is full of pride when I see the road that he has traveled since our first meeting in Thies, Senegal. Alex, may God continue to bless and use you.

    1. @SenegalLANAS God was with us in Senegal and every step along the way. Truly grateful to be included in your global prayer circle. Trusting the Holy Spirit, with you, until His return.