Monday, December 17, 2018

Tapping on the glass

Jack Welch of General Electric opened his annual reports with a mistake he made.  He shared the lessons learned with readers and committed to building a better brand.  I missed a great training opportunity. 

Seeing what I missed awakened desire in me.  I am motivated to attend the next training but to attend, I have to raise my full support.  I missed the convergence of my school and clan to impact my work.

McCormick Theological Seminary hosted a Chaplain Summit.  Participants sought information about professional chaplaincy, pastoral counseling and ministry in health care, correctional, educational and other specialized, non-church settings.  I attended McCormick and am eager to improve chaplaincy through study.  The summit was organized by American Baptists.

I am ordained as an American Baptist; my clan doing an event to advance chaplaincy is exciting.  Rev. Dr. Patricia Murphy, National Coordinator of Chaplaincy and Specialized Ministries said “We are living in critical times. It’s important for those who are discerning a call to ministry to know other areas to which God may be calling them outside the traditional pulpit. We hope to continue to have an impact across the country in such places as McCormick, where we can continue to share growing trends about ministry outside of the parish setting.” 

A growing trend in ministry is teamwork.  I am gathering a team of prayer and financial supporters to evangelize, mobilize and disciple first responders in Mid-Michigan.  By raising my full support, I will be able to attend the next Chaplain Summit and bring best practices to the work.  Getting to 100% is a step on the path toward fulfilling a vision of Christ-centered ministry among first responders.

I set a goal to raise my full support this year but fell short.  By failing, I missed a great training opportunity. 

My goal is to attend the 2019 Summit.

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