Monday, January 8, 2018

FAQ for University Baptist

Frequently Asked Questions about University Baptist Church:

Why is the church closing?
The church is closing because attendance, volunteerism and giving do not sustain the vision.  At the December 19, 2017 Leadership Council meeting, roof repair surpassed what the Council was willing to spend.  Once reluctance to repair the roof was established, viability of ministry under the roof diminished.  The church is closing because attendance, volunteerism and giving do not sustain the vision.

Was the closure a surprise?
University Baptist Church attendance has been declining since the 1990's.  The most recent discussion of church viability was 2009 and we decided to press on.  The seriousness of the roof repair caught us by surprise. 

I thought the church was growing?
Connection, the UBC outreach to Michigan State University, has been growing.  While prayer and financial support for Connection have allowed us to reach more students, campus ministry is only one aspect of congregational life.  Sunday attendance, volunteerism and giving have not kept pace with overall ministry demands.  The student ministry is an encouraging development but has not been able stem overall congregational decline.
Can anything be done to save the church?
On December 19, 2017 the Leadership Council voted to close.  Unless the Council or congregation vote otherwise, the closure decision is final.  Baptist polity allow a congregation to change its mind at anytime.

What is the last day?
Because of ongoing outreach to students, the closing date is scheduled after graduation weekend at Michigan State University: May 5, 2018.

What's going to happen to the building?
University Baptist leases 4608 S. Hagadorn Road from American Baptist Churches of MI.  A church closure remands the property to American Baptist Churches of MI. 

What about the student ministry (Connection)?
Connection is a ministry of the church and will close when the church closes. 

How can I pray in the remaining days of the ministry?
Please pray that the University Baptist Church family finishes well.

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