Thursday, June 23, 2016


My name is Heather Baum and I am a psychology student at Michigan State University. I have been attending University Baptist Church since second grade, but I have been the administrative assistant for two years now. My jobs have ranged from putting together newsletters and bulletins every week, to planning large group gatherings at baseball games and amusement parks. It has been quite a journey the past couple of years as I have seen God move in my life and in the lives of others. It's an amazing thing to witness!

Along with being a member and employee of the church, I am also a member of our student outreach group, Connection. This summer, the Connection team has been reading "The Fuel and The Flame" by Steve Shadrach. I presented on the chapter called "Build Your Convictions." This chapter really hit home for me as I know that this is something that I struggle with daily: putting God first. But sometimes we need that 'slap in the face' for us to realize what we need to work on to strengthen our relationship with God and in return, help more and more people come to Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

I plan on using what I have learned from reading this book to continue to chase our vision to see all peoples of the world know, worship, and grow (KWaG) as disciples of Jesus Christ. My hope for MSU is to see more students come to know Christ and build a relationship with Him. As a psychology student, I am working towards giving people hope and compassion during hard times that students have. I believe that sharing God's truth and His messages of hope and peace will help those who are struggling. I hope and pray that God will continue to speak to me and use me to fulfill this passion across campus for the rest of my time at MSU.

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