Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sipping Coffee

A shift begins at line-up.

Attendance is taken.  Announcements are made; perhaps a cup of coffee.  Mornings are supposed to be slow.

Slowly, the lieutenant updates the shift on a child's self-inflicted wound.  Before dawn, officers talk.  One knows the child's mother; another the grandmother.  What kind of gun did the child find?

Finding normal tones for abnormal terrors is best done slowly.  Think first, then speak.  

If speech comes before thought, the morning quickens.  Warned parents, addiction's complication - and siblings who may find other guns in the same house - spark speech before thought.  Line up can bring gushing words like, 'How can I help...Maybe I can...Has anyone considered...?'

Line-up bends civilian minds.

Sworn officers can be moved from slowly sipping coffee to swirling thoughts in seventeen seconds.  Yet they have to begin their days as if they hear the same things you hear each morning.

They have to be ready to smile and wave; ready to take accident reports; ready to work a few blocks away from the house full of children at risk of shooting themselves because their parents leave guns unattended and party with strangers who like to touch children.

They have to be ready to respond, with an engaged body camera, when the 911 call comes from the house they talked about in line-up.  

You read, far removed from the line-up room. 

The next time you smell coffee, pray for the ones sipping theirs quietly before dawn.


  1. Hey Alex - I was really touched by what you do here locally - This caused me to reach out & support your ministry today - What a blessing it is, what you do for these first responders - truly a Christ-like approach to God's calling on your life. Later today in my meditation time I'm going to ask God if there is a place for me with in the fundraising ministry at Reliant. You & your family will be in my prayers daily - thank you for sharing what you do to answer how you Deny yourself - How you pick up your cross daily - How you were led to Follow Jesus with our congregation this morning the 24th day of March 2024. BE BLESSED! As you continue to be a blessing to these.

  2. Annette - Thank you for your words of life and confidence in the power of prayer. Worshiping with the Trinity Church Family was an honor. Sharing the Holy Spirit's work among first responders is a joy. Your willingness to pray, after hearing an update, is itself an answer to prayer. Chaplaincy runs on the fuel of prayer and and wheels of generosity. Thank you for partnering with Reliant. Yes, please ask God if there is a place for you on the Reliant team. We are raising additional monthly partnership before Police Week. Your blog readership, commentary and Trinity Church representation are tremendous gifts. May the Father strengthen you, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to follow the Son in carrying your cross.