Friday, July 9, 2021

Rough Water 1

I met him during monthly Capitol Area Dive Team trainings. Breaking the ice with officers can be difficult because I'm an outsider; a civilian, but scripture created a bridge. 

He had Proverbs 28:1 tattooed in Latin and when I recognized the quote, he was surprised. 
Very quietly, he shows up early and elevates his heart rate before the dive team's work begins. Observing him month after month produced a deep appreciation and I asked of his motives. 

Before becoming a deputy, he lived in Hawaii and competed in triathlons. Fitness became common ground around which we connected. One month, he meekly waded into a lake for his monthly swim and something snapped inside me.

At the next training, I asked the sergeant if I could also swim and the tattooed officer saw me. We talked a bit that day but my mimicking him changed the way the Lord is using the chaplaincy.
He invited me to complete the Waikiki Rough Water Swim.  Accepting the challenge has opened a door. 

The rough water series is my effort to share what the Holy Spirit is doing among law enforcement professionals, communities served and a chaplain permitted to minister on both sides of a thin blue line. 

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