Monday, December 14, 2020

Where Trophies Belong

 Miracle is the story of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team.  An individual team member was supposed to accept the team trophy, but he waived the entire team to the podium.

More than a dozen players perched awkwardly on a space designed for one. 

The chaplaincy received a trophy in the form of a letter.  As an Olympic medal symbolizes associated sacrifices, so the letter highlights unseen realities: 

Thank you letter from officer

Letter From Officer (reproduced by permission) 
Chaplain Pickens, I received your card, booklet and gift today.  Thank you so much for your thoughts.  I appreciate the attention and words of empathy and encouragement.  I hope you hear it often: your service to the men and women of the department is much needed.  The loss of my father was very hard for my family...but I know that there is a larger world and I will see him again in good health and happiness.  Have a Merry Christmas.  I wish you a happy and fruitful New Year.
The letter mentioned a card, booklet and gift.

The card was a 3x5 post card with the Reliant logo on the front.  On the back of the card was written:

You are not forgotten.  [We] have prayed for you.  "Experiencing Grief" is a gift to you on the next step of your journey.  May the God of all comfort give you peace.  

"Experiencing Grief" is one of the booklets sent to people at four crucial times during the first year after the loss of a loved one.  Inserted in the booklet was a gift card.

The officer's note highlighted the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He is moving in people's hearts to generously provide postage, prayers, booklets and gift cards. The team prays, gives and serves as God strengthens.  

Miracle Movie Photo

We have reached out to dozens of grieving people but this is the first time a cop has written back.  Getting the letter felt like Olympic gold.

When we get a trophy, giving it to Jesus is the next right move.  The Cross qualifies Him for the highest podium.  He invites us to take up our crosses and follow Him.  Dozens of ministry partners are responding to His invitation with prayer and financial support of outreach among first responders.    

A letter reminded us to give Him praise.  At His feet, may we lay every trophy.

Praise the Lord for the fruit of the Spirit's work among cops. 


  1. As usual Alex the stories you share are impeccably heart inspiring inspiring, I thank you for sharing this uplifting story,you are very aprreciated. Signed Rev Mendenhall

    1. Rev. Mendenhall, we praise the Lord for your encouragement. Any inspiration comes from the Spirit. Thank you for letting your light shine.