Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Getting a Ride

Getting a ride is a delicate thing.  Sometimes the person taking you is late; sometimes "gas money" is required; sometimes we get the ride there but not the ride back.  Venturing out of the house depending on a ride is risky business.

Shannon ventured out each week, depending on a ride.  Sometimes her ride was late; sometimes her ride stopped for gas; sometimes her return ride didn't work out.  Nevertheless, she kept coming to church.

Shannon caught rides so she could study scripture, complete baptism requirements and eat the graduation cake prepared for her senior class. But then, Shannon found a car.

Now she is giving rides because she knows getting a ride is a delicate thing. She's promising to take people where they need to go; she's donating, rather than demanding, gas money; she's tender in offering rides back.  She understands because she's been there.

Shannon claims the name of One who understands because He's been there.  Jesus knows that being human is a delicate thing.  Sometimes we're late, demanding and lacking follow-through.  The more we live, the more we see we need a Savior.  Jesus is the help we need.

Shannon ventures out each week depending on Jesus.  He's on time, is generous and keeps His promises. Shannon is on time, generous and keeps her promises. Her Christianity is demonstrated in helping people get rides.  She is giving rides because she remembers getting a ride is a delicate thing.

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