Saturday, February 4, 2017

Making Lemonade

Joe* studies at Michigan State Univeristy and feels overwhelmed.

When our son's classmate came by for a visit, Joe walked him down the block.  I offered snacks and started to gather ingredients.  Everyone watched with puzzled looks as I started making lemonade.  "Where is the container of concentrate?" they asked.  When I told them I was making drinks from scratch, they looked in amazement.

I look in amazement at college students.  Joe is studying human biology, works and goes to school.  His surpise at lemonade from scratch is matched by my respect for his efforts.  He's a fifth year senior, earning money, passing classes and making plans for graduation.  With so much going on, I asked, "What's the most challenging thing you're doing right now?" 

"The most difficult thing I do is attend class in huge lecture halls.  I went to a small high school and even now as a senior, I still feel lost in a sea of students.  Entering those big rooms can be overwhelming sometimes."

I prayed for Joe and showed everyone how to make lemonade from scratch.  My brief encounter marked me because of communication.

Prayer is communication with God.  At prayer, I was allowed to see a student know, worship and grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.  Joe knew to pray and put his trust in Jesus.  Worship is making much of God. God invites us in I Peter 5:7 to cast our cares, including lecture hall anxiety, on Him because He cares for us.  Joe grew in knowledge by making lemonade for the first time.  

He studies human biology at Michigan State and feels overwhelmed sometimes.  Lemonade and prayer helped him in unexpected ways.  One of many students at Michigan State University is growing in his faith.

*Joe has been used instead of student's real name.

Alex Pickens III serves as the Senior Pastor of University Baptist Church in East Lansing, MI.  He tends a vision to see all peoples of the world know, worship and grow (KWaG) as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Alex and Naudia live with their two children near the campus of Michigan State University.  

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