Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Never Have I Ever

As I walked past the door, I found people telling secrets.  Each secret gave the next person courage to confess.  I stopped to listen.  They said it was my turn!  I took a deep breath and confessed, "Never have I ever..."

By sharing one little known fact, I entered into community with students at Michigan State University.  It's amazing what an icebreaker game can do.  (Rules to "Never Have I Ever")
Welcome Back BBQ Participants
Students organized games, food, furniture and transportation for a back to school BBQ at University Baptist Church (UBC).  They prayed for their peers to grow in the Lord and saw their prayers answered.  Classmates, learning about one another, gathered around scripture to learn about Jesus.  

Bible Study at Welcome Back BBQ
 Together we studied a Bible passage known as the Great Commission. Some began personalizing Jesus' words by asking how they could make disciples today. Some listened quietly without saying anything.  Some had Bible apps on smartphones.  Some enjoyed turning pages to read along.  All joined hands in prayer to close out a joyful evening.

As I helped put away the folding chairs, I thought of a loving Univeristy Baptist Church family.  I thought of Connection ministry partners across the country.  Never have I ever seen the prayers of so many answered so undoubtedly.

Together, we are on mission to see students of the world know, worship and grow (KWaG) as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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