Thursday, July 28, 2016

Music Ministry

Hello, My name is Moon and I am the music minister at University Baptist Church. I recently graduated from MSU with a music performance doctoral degree. My eternal goal is pleasing God and congregations with music. Music is one of the most powerful methods to praise God.
I believe that one of my missions from God is presenting beautiful music for God and the congregations.  As a church musician I have learned many things in addition to musical skills, including building my faith and communicating and connecting to God in a personal, intimate manner.
My hope for the campus is faith. There are so many interesting happening on the campus and students can be distracted by their busy schedules.  That's why sometimes we miss what is the most important things to do. If you are doing great and good in the campus life, without faith, you are not on the right track.
I believe that knowing God and praise God is the most valuable things to do in our life.
So, pray, read the bible and join the worship service to keep your faith in God.

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