Monday, February 1, 2016

I'm Officially a Campus Minister!

On my way to volunteer with the Lansing Police Department my telephone rang.  Dustin was calling with bad news: the car wouldn't start.

The car belongs to Jamil,  Could I come and give them a jump?  Already committed to the police event, initially I gave them options to problem solve.  After I hung up and began praying for resolution in their situation and realized the importance of the moment.

College students text, message, tweet and post but I rarely get calls. When a university student calls me, I know something's going on. I realized the incredible trust Dustin placed in me.

Michigan State has a campus police force that could probably respond in a pinch.  Jamil has auto insurance coverage that includes jump starting a vehicle.  The car was in an area of campus surrounded by other drivers able to be asked for assistance.  In an ocean of options, Jamil and Dustin thought of their pastor for help.

I shared the situation with the officers and they encouraged me to go.

In no time, two of our leaders were returned to helping children of the world know, worship and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ, Both were on their way to mentor as Kids Hope USA volunteers through University Baptist Church.  They were startled to see me in a police chaplain's uniform.  "You look so official."

Getting them back on the road made me feel official: officially their college pastor.

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